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Get ready for the upcoming launch of our Stellar Chrono, a true jewel of watchmaking that will raise your expectations to new heights! Equipped with the prestigious Swiss SW 500-2 movement modified to offer exceptional performance, this timepiece combines Swiss precision with a stunning design that will not go unnoticed. Great finishes on both the exterior and interior ensure unsurpassed quality in every aspect, while the precious design of the dial makes it a conversation piece that will stand out on any occasion. With the Stellar Chrono, you’ll be wearing more than just a watch; you’ll be wearing a statement of style and sophistication that will leave a lasting impression. Stay tuned to be one of the first to acquire this extraordinary piece of watchmaking art!


Our chronograph

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of the Stellar Chrono, a piece of watchmaking that perfectly blends avant-garde design and timelessness. With its stunning dial, meticulously designed to captivate glances and spark conversations, this timepiece represents the culmination of elegance and innovation. Every detail of the Stellar Chrono is imbued with a sense of timelessness, from its modified Swiss SW 500-2 movement to its exquisite finishes. In a world where time is ephemeral, the Stellar Chrono stands as a symbol of endurance and distinction, destined to accompany you at every moment, regardless of the trends of the moment. Discover the timeless beauty of the Stellar Chrono and own a timepiece that transcends time and space with its timeless design and undeniable elegance.

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At our brand, we believe that loyalty is a virtue that deserves to be rewarded. Since our inception, we have deeply valued the support of our community, which is why, by choosing our watches, you are not only acquiring a piece of exceptional quality, but you are joining our family. As a member of our family, you have preferential access to all our releases, allowing you to be among the first to discover and enjoy our new creations. We value your trust and commitment, and we want your experience with our brand to be more than just the purchase of a watch; we want it to be a lasting relationship based on trust, respect and a passion for watchmaking. So join us and become part of a community that celebrates beauty, quality and exclusivity at every turn.

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